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This pain will last forever.

Art of Silent Hill | Fukuro [+]

Anonymous asked: “ Request for Cynthia Velasquez? ”

yes, i do it. Soon I’ll post for you.

Thank you :-)

Silent Hill + Monsters

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Requested by moridroid

abovealldonoharm asked: “ Hey, I'm so sorry I totally spaced and forgot to add from which game! I meant the bit from the Silent Hill 2 opening song. Haha how embarrassing, post a request and forget to add which game <.< Thank you for your patience with me as I derp. ”

hahaha ok, I’m a little busy with other things lately but this request has been recorded, soon I will be posting and thank you!

Silent Hill 3 | Mannequins

abovealldonoharm asked: “ I don't know if you take requests, but if you do, I've been specifically looking for a gif in the opening song/video bit of the part where he picks up the body and turns toward the camera. <3 If you don't take requests, that's okay too because I love your blog and you should never stop doing what you do <3 ”

awn thank you <3 And yes, I take requests! But I dont know for sure what game you’re talking about :/

Can't give up on the past
When the past never ends